8 Signs That She Is Now Much More Than a Crush

6. You miss her in social gatherings

She is your crush, and you want her to be with you all the time. But what happens when you go to your social gatherings? Do you wish she was there? Do you wish you could flaunt and introduce her to your circle of friends? If that is the case, my friend, then you are totally rocking the game of relationships. And ahem, your relationship has gone a little far from being just a crush.

5. She’s the first person you think of…

When you have your favorite food. When you find something exotic on the road. When you learn a new skill. She is your crush, and she’s the first person you think of when anything exciting, dull or new comes along. You get the urge of picking up your phone and speaking your heart out immediately.

4. She comes home uninvited

She has come home so frequently that she no more needs invites to come over! She is your crush, and everyone knows that. She will happily barge in and completely feel at home even if you are not around.